Analysis Of Jealousy In Medea

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Jealousy is not felt physically, and yet it can prick at a person’s heart like a sharp needle, and affect the way that one can act. But can this feeling be taken too far? Imagine a woman, who is weeping in her room, hearing news that her husband, Jason, would be marrying someone else. She is at first in disbelief, and falls into a deep depression over her grief, not even being able to bear seeing her own children. This is definitely unjustified and morally incorrect for her husband to leave her, and she does not deserve this treatment. Nonetheless, the next step that she takes is quite extreme: she devises a malicious plan to ensure that everything would be ripped away from her former husband, by the murder of the new princess, her father, the king, and her very own dear children, to sever all ties with him.…show more content…
This would describe the main character in the Greek theatre play, Medea, which is also the character’s name. This play is widely known for the interesting way that Medea’s personality is painted throughout the story, and the way that she took vengeance by killing others in the process. In this story, Medea meets her husband for the very first time, and falls in love with him due to Cupid’s arrow, and for his sake in retrieving the Golden Fleece, she kills her own sibling and father. While she is distraught, she is willing to leave behind her fatherland for his sake, and they return to Greece to get married. However, after a couple of years being wedded, her husband marries another princess. From the way that she carefully constructs her plan_ to murder these people and effectively gets away with it through her use of tactics conveys that she is a cunning person/Medea is best described as a cunning person, due to her expertise in black magic, her elaborate planning, and her use of manipulation to aid her with her

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