Analysis Of Jean Toomer's Hamlet: A Note On Cane

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In Howell’s article, “Jean Toomer’s Hamlet: A Note on “Cane””, he explains that Jean Toomer’s definition of a man (a nerve of the cosmos, dislocated trying to quiver into place) is reflected in Cane. Howell claims that Cane “suggests the desultory character of Toomer’s career it suffers from a proliferation of interests” (70). Howell introduces a brief overview of Cane, but his overall focus is Ralph Kabnis.
To understand the article readers must first understand the title, “Jean Toomer’s Hamlet.” In the article, Howell compares Toomer’s character, Ralph Kabnis, to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In doing so, Howell believes that Toomer just as Shakespeare does not allow charcaters to be in tune with themselves. In Hamlet, the protagonist, Hamlet, speaks
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