Children Need To Play Not Play Summary

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In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”, Jessica Statsky tries to highlight the growing issue and destructive effects of the competitive sports. These sports are fabricated keeping the age and standards of an adult which make them unsuitable for children. These sports have a negative impact on a child’s health as a whole. The body and the mind are both equally. Developing bodies of the children suffer a great deal because of the extreme physical activity demanded by the competitive sports. She further goes on by saying that the injuries the children endure sometimes last till decades. They cause a lot of mental pressure which result in a lot of physiological issues. The pressure combined with the extreme physical work turns a child’s game into a job. Statsky talks that the true essence of the sports has lost its meaning in today’s world. The high emphasis on just winning has taking over the true spirit of the sport. Jessica talks about how the core values of the sports like team spirit and sportsmanship and a healthy body image, should be kept alive as they help in developing a child’s…show more content…
I agree with the notion that the world is turning into a big rat race where everyone is focused only on winning. These type of overly competitive sport should not be made a part of young children’s life. These sports have a higly negative impact of the growth of a child’s personality. They are affected mentally and physically. Their fragile bodies are put to the test that is beyond the capacity of the developing bodies. At such a young age they are forced to face the harshness of the world. They start to feeling the need to fulfill the unreasonable wishes and dreams of their parents and coaches. The idea that the only outcome of the sport can be scoring a victory leaves every other valuable aspect of the sport
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