Analysis Of Jessica Statsky's Children Need To Play Not Compete

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In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete.” Jessica statsky brought forward a pressing issue of competitive sports that has now become a part of our lives. Statsky claims that these competitive sports have a harmful effect on a child’s mind. The extreme physical pressure is quite damaging as well. The injuries children face can sometimes take forever to heal itself. These sport are planned according to the strength and age of an adult and child should not be put in the position to play by these standards. Jessica talks about how these sports affect negatively in the developing phase of a child’s life. Where the body, mind and personality are just shaping up for the future. The writer mentions an example saying that these sports, due to their competitive and demanding nature start to feel like a job. Children need to enjoy the game instead of worrying about the expectations of the adults. Jessica is concerned that as the growing trend of these competitive sports focuses more on winning, the true essence of the sports like team spirit and…show more content…
In the rat race of today, every one seems to only focus on winning. They forget the main goal of playing is to establish the concept of teamwork, sportsmanship, and collaboration with the fellow players. I believe that the truly alarming fact is the extent to which parents are in favour of these kinds of sports activities that they ignore the health issues their children will face. They put an enormous amount of pressure and expect nothing but the best from them. This causes a lot of mental health issue when little children fail to come up to the desired expectations. Jessica put it rightly when she gives an example of the game where parents started fighting with each other over a children's game. All of this leads to making children feel like that the sport is more sort of a job where they have to prove themselves rather than something they could
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