Analysis Of Jesus Christ In Hollywood

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Religion has been represented in American culture in various ways. The American movie industry, Hollywood, is a movie house that is globally well-known (Scott 2002). While Hollywood films have presented abundant actors and actresses, films involving Jesus Christ have been around since the birth of Hollywood. Approximately hundred films have been produced depicting the life of Jesus Christ who is considered as the Son of God and the saviour of humankind according to the Christian religion (Adele Reinhartz 2007). Although the different versions have concentrated on the story of Jesus Christ, their narrative do differ (Humphries-Brooks 2007). Nonetheless, the depiction of Jesus Christ as having long and brown hair, a beard, blue eyes and white have been practically widespread in Hollywood. This specific image…show more content…
The famous story of Jesus Christ occurred in Bethlehem, where he was born and grew up in Nazareth (New International version, Matthew 2:1, 2:23). Contrary to the image of Jesus Christ portrayed in Mel Gibson’s The passion of the Christ, Jesus would have had Middle Eastern physical features. But perhaps the main reason that it is so problematic to keep Jesus ' Jewishness in mind is the unquestionably non‐Jewish look of the white actors who portray him (Adele Reinhartz 2007). Although The passion of the Christ deliver many clues in the development of showing the narrative of Jesus Christ, it is easy to overlook that Jesus is Jewish. Although several attempts were made in the course of the movie to include the origins of Jesus Christ as a Jew, Jesus Christ was depicted as a Caucasian in The Passion of the Christ. This portrayal by Hollywood and Mel Gibson promotes white supremacy by using white actors instead of using the story’s original ethnic
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