Analysis Of Jillette's Essay 'There Is No God'

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In the essay “There Is No God” Penn Jillette illustrates her non belief in God, as well as her perspective in atheism. Penn is far beyond considering herself an atheist. “Atheism is not believing in God. Not believing in God is easy — you can't prove a negative, so there's no work to do.” Pen explains. Jillette looks for evidence, she investigates her questions, questions such as, “why is there no God”, and “why would there be a God?” This is what sets Penn aside from all of those whome considered themselves atheist. Not only does Penn believe that believing in one God takes away people’s sense of reality, it gives them a reason to ignore it. She suggest all of those who blame the invisible for their wrong doings, or for a better chance in life are rude. Penn also states, “It seems just rude to beg the invisible for more.” Therefore she doesn't ask for more. Therefore she is more than satisfied with what she has, and what she has gained …show more content…

Asking the invisible for more is rude. It might seem also wrong for many of us that are religious to call God “invisible” in this writing. Only because he is not invisible he “lives through the church and our hearts.” Even if there was a God, why do we tend to ask him for more. Have we grown lazy enough that we ask the invisible for the impossible? To change things that are ruled by nature. We’re lazy. We expect one image of someone we’ve never met to cause miracles in our lives because we live by the word of the church, therefore we deserve it, because we’ve only been loyal to him. With the belief of God we’ve put an excuse for everything, instead of using logic and making a change for ourselves. Praying is essential when believing in God, but praying should be meant to thanking the invisible, not asking for more. This proves how one desires for more--desires to have something beyond what the eyes can see. What if the God we claim to know is only The Creator, not a

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