Analysis Of Jim Germaux's Parallel Play

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I chose to write about Jim Germaux’s Parallel Play because it evokes beauty in a unique way using pattern, line, and color Germaux’s Parallel Play exemplifies beauty through eye-catching pattern. Each piece of this collection uses an arrangement of circles in a manner that is organized and yet spontaneous. The location of each circle is unpredictable, but the way the Germaux arranges the circles in his painting, side-by-side in no particular order, creates a sense of movement and playfulness that is attractive to the viewer’s eye. The viewer is drawn in by the mass quantity of these circles and is then challenged to look upon the spontaneity of the arrangement, and to try to find familiar patterns within. Germaux is making the viewer move his or her eyes over the circle pattern in several directions creating a commotion that pulls the viewer into the composition in such an effective way that is beautiful.…show more content…
Depending on which piece of the collection is viewed, vertical parallel or horizontal lines varying in weight stretch across the composition. The vertical lines give Germaux’s piece a strong and stable feel, whereas the horizontal lines provide a more calming feel for the viewer. The repetition of parallel lines in Parallel Play creates beauty through dissimilarity. The predictable order of the parallel lines contrasts the stir of circles located adjacent and causes the lines to beautifully model simplicity and structure. In addition, by painting dark contour lines around the colorful circles, Germaux is able to aid the viewer in distinguishing the individual circles and identifying the beautiful pattern that they
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