Analysis Of Jimmy Carter's Speech: A Crisis Of Confidence

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In 1979, 15 July, Jimmy Carter, the president of America gave a speech “A Crisis of Confidence”. Only three years ago, on the same day, he just accepted the nomination of his party to be a president of the United States. Also, he was the 39th president of the United States, who represented the Democratic Party. Actually, he has been on service in the army when he was young, and has been the governor of Georgia. When he was in power, he made a lot of contributions to the country and the world, such as establishing diplomatic relations with China and some other communism countries, helping negotiate the war between Israel and Egypt. Also, he established several departments to improve the efficiency of the government, such as Department of Energy and…show more content…
Then he mentioned that people distrusted the government and worried about the energy crisis. Also, he acknowledged that there were some mistakes in the government, and there was a fundamental threat to American democracy. However, more and more people lost their confidence in the development of the country, President Carter regarded it as “the crisis of confidence”. He considered that it was not happening overnight, but happened for a long time with shocks and tragedy. Therefore, he encouraged people to have faith in each other and have faith in the nation to get through the difficulties. At the end of his speech, he pointed out six solutions about how to resolve the energy crisis, and stated his position again that he firmly believed they would win this war. The purpose of this speech is obvious, President Carter put forward one of the important issues in America now—energy crisis in the public, and made people regain their confidence to solve the problem. Also, he made his own decisions to pull through the troubles and proposed some
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