Analysis Of Joan Caught A Cold

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This analysis will be focused on a 10 minute and 25-second film titled “Joan Avoids a Cold,” a black-and-white film produced by Coronet Instructional Films in 1947. The short film follows an average day in the life of Joan and Jim as they prepare for the Kermis festival. The film focuses on the two children in both a home and a school environment, detailing the difference in their actions and preventative health measure, and it also briefly follows their mother’s journey to becoming better educated on hygienic measures to implement in the household. By the end of the film, Jim has caught a cold, while Joan has successfully avoided it, allowing her to participate in the festival while Jim must remain at home. Throughout all of this, the film uses visual scenes and the voice of the narrator to suggest various ways one can protect oneself from contracting a cold. “Joan Avoids a Cold,” is an instructional video used for education purposes as indicated by the name of the production company, emphasis on the “Instructional” portion in Coronet Instructional Films and it is targeted towards children as indicated in the second slide played at the start of the film, the content included in the film, and the choice of actors used in the film. It could be argued that this film is also targeted at mothers and those who work in family settings, as several minutes of the film are used to follow a scene between a mother and nurse as the nurse instructs the mother on good hygiene practices to

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