Analysis Of Joel L. Swedlowb's 'Changing American'

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Enmanuel Raposo 11/02/2014 ELL 095 Chapter 20 It Take 2 Generations for Immigrants to Become Successful The essay by Joel L. Swedlowb titled, "Changing American" was published in the September 2001 edition of National Geographic. The definition of change is making a difference or becoming different. Joel L. Swedlowb is a prominent scholar, an author, and a journalist, who formerly served as a senior editor of National Geographic. In his essay, Swerdlow describes J.E.B. High School in Virginia as a representative of the evolving cultural identity of the United States. The focus of this essay is how immigrants have changed American. Joel L. Swerdlow, in “Changing American,” demonstrates why it takes 2 generations become successful: Language, Culture, and Economy. First of all, Language is one of the big problem that a second generation take when people come to another country (please) in "Changing American" by Joel L. Swedlowb tell us ' 'In 1990 some 32 million U.S. residents spoke a language other than English at home, and more than 7 million lived in households with no fluent English speaker over 14 years old. ' ' It is a problem for the second generation to be successful because their parent doesn 't help them in their home in the language. For a young children have little difficulty with English, learning it in elementary school at the same time they learn to read. For many students who are beginning to learn English, and only starting to read at the age of fourteen to

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