Analysis Of John Knowles A Separate Peace

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To be ignorant and naïve to the impure characteristics that plague the world is to live a life in a fictional bliss. The bliss will evaporate during the inevitable transition each individual undergoes from youth to adulthood. John Knowles’ characters in A Separate Peace make this natural progression towards adulthood by experiencing a series of internal changes. These characters show that becoming an adult requires growth and development as an individual, as well as broadening one’s self-acceptance. Becoming an adult entails a movement away from naivety toward a heightened sense of reality towards the world. Growth and understanding does not come without loss. For something to increase there needs to be an opposite response to balance it out. In exchange for a greater sense of awareness there is a decline in ones naivety; an individual must lose their naïve carefree ways to fully accept the responsibilities and burdens a life of understanding entails. When the boys at Devon school take part in the summer school session they mimic a carefree lifestyle oblivious to the rules, they are naïve to the consequences their actions have. This time period resembles one of peaceful bliss and ignorance to the real world outside the campus wall, the world where an extremely dangerous war is raging on. When the summer session fades away to the fall session, the reality of the real world causes the tides to change on campus at Devon; rules become stricter and experiences are to be gained
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