Analysis Of John Krakauer's Into The Wild

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John Krakauer recounted the journey of Chris McCandless in his novel Into the Wild. After giving his college savings to Oxfam, Chris left his life behind to venture out west and live a minimalist life. Before writing Into The Wild, Krakauer wrote a magazine article about Chris’ journey. The magazine article created a buzz, with curious readers craving answers and details of Chris’ life. Krakauer delved deeper into the story and wrote what became the popular novel Into the Wild. Although the book is centered on McCandless’ journey, includes stories of himself and others who dared to go on a journey like that of Chris’. The author 's purpose in Into The Wild was to explain reasoning for why Chris McCandless left society and materialism to embark on a new journey to western America.…show more content…
After the death of Chris, Jon contacted his parents, witnesses, acquaintances of Chris, and pretty much anyone that he could get a hold of. He spent years researching Chris- his personality, his likes, his dislikes, his habits, his dreams and aspirations. He even read Chris’ journal and followed some of the same trails that Chris followed on his adventure. He studied the grip that wilderness had on the American imagination and the thrill-seeking nature of this sort of adventure. The one thing that kept Krakauer digging for more was his curiosity and desire to understand what drove Chris to leave his life behind. This novel tells a story of Chris’ journey, but also encourages readers to find a deeper meaning and consider their responsibilities and roles in present day

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