Analysis Of John Milton's 'Breakfast Soup'

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When it comes to food and cooking, Milton Irvin has always impressed on the grill and making his family breakfast during the holidays. He loves fine wine and cold vodka. The hard-working and competitive man inspires the recipes below. Breakfast Soup If you can have breakfast for dinner, why not turn it into a delicious soup? This recipe contains all the yummy breakfast staples in innovative form. Now Milton can make breakfast for his family anytime. Shrimp n’ Grits Milton has fully embraced the low country lifestyle in all its cheesy and fried glory. The key to any good shrimp and grits lies in the creaminess of the grits. This recipe will win any shrimp and grits competition between Milton. Potato Chips His snack of choice is a good bag of potato chips. This…show more content…
Ever the gracious hostess, extended family would flock to her house during Thanksgiving and Christmas eagerly anticipating her apple pie and oyster dressing. She loves salmon and coffee. The constant caregiver who always lends a helping hand inspires the recipes below. Everything Chicken Soup Not only does this mom do everything, she is everything. And that’s why anything and everything can go into this soup "recipe." This is also a tribute to how resourceful Melody is. Charred Brussel Sprouts in a Roasted Pod In the process of learning to cook, Melody may have burned a meal or two, to the disappointment of her brothers. What they didn’t know was Melody was just ahead of her time because now charred food is good for you. Plus charcoal is good for you. Cheaper By The Dozen Pot Pie Melody is the second youngest of 12 with 3 older sisters and 8 brothers. This pot pie has exactly 12 ingredients all to celebrate the Smith children. It’s surely enough to feed any hungry family. Apple Cupcakes Melody bakes a mean apple pie and is a wise teacher. This recipe puts a sweet twist on the “giving an apple to the teacher”
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