Analysis Of John Proctor In The Crucible

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This first quotation takes place in Act 1 between Abagail Williams and John Proctor at Reverend Hale’s home. Abigail was talking to proctor about what really happened the night her and the others conjured spirits because proctor was going to get Mary warren but she wasn’t there which left them alone together. The quote takes the readers into the past to the affair Abigail had with John Proctor. John is trying to put the affair behind him although he still has feelings for her but Abigail is still very jealous of the life Elizabeth Proctor lives and she begs John to come back to her. This quote is a catalyst because it represents Abigail’s desire for John and foreshadows the length she will go to replace Elizabeth. This quote is significant because it sets the stage for all of the drama and accusations that will follow Abigail Williams. This story is also culmination because infidelity during this time was a very serious crime and Abigail is not afraid to share the truth to get what she wants but John is fearful for the problems this will cause in the future, especially since this action will lead to his death. This second quote takes place in Act 2 between John and Elizabeth Proctor at their home. Elizabeth begins to question John because he admits to being alone with Abigail when earlier he told her he was going to see a group of people and not just Abigail. Abigail has proudly confessed to an affair with John Proctor when he decides to tell Elizabeth the truth about
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