Analysis Of 'John Proctor In The Crucible'

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John Proctor is basically the tragic hero of “The Crucible”, the reason for this is statement is because the tries to save his wife from being hanged. He cares about his children, he also has tried not to cheat on his wife Elizabeth, while she was ill. At the end of the story Proctor is hanged due of his confession of being a warlock. In the rising action of the story John Proctor is trying to avoid Abigail, he states that “But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again.” (Proctor, 1140). This indicates that Proctor doesn’t want to make the same mistake, he does not want to cheat on his wife again. John doesn’t want to sin and go after Abigail, he wants to be a good man. He also wants to be away with Abigail who wants Elizabeth
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