John Steinbeck's Flight Analysis

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The book “Flight” by John Steinbeck was written in 1938. Some works written by Steinbeck are The Pearl, The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden and tortilla Flat. He writes about true happiness in life and a lot of books are surrounded in the setting of Salinas, California. He writes about realistic and imaginative things.

The book Flight is about a nineteen-year-old boy named Pepe that lives on a farm on the California coast with his family. Pepe’s father died when he tripped over a stone in the field and fell full length on a rattlesnake. For the last ten years Mama had ruled the farm with her three kids. Despite thinking that Pepe is lazy and not a man, Mama sends Pepe into town in search of medicine and salt. When Mama sends Pepe on this mission,
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In those stories, young Jody Tiflin learned the values of happiness and despair of adulthood because of his witnessing the deaths of two horses (which he passionately loved) and by his hearing the philosophies and wisdom of two old men (Jody 's grandfather and a Mexican peasant). In the story "Flight," young Pepé Torres ' manhood also depends on his dealing with death, but in this story, Steinbeck focuses upon the impending death of Pepé himself during a tense and harrowing chase. Briefly, Pepé Torres rides into Monterey, California, to do an errand for his mother. He is insulted and kills a man; as a result, he must flee for his life, and it is this flight that is the substance of the…show more content…
He learned many years ago from his family that they must defy the poor soil and the weather and the lack of friends to survive. When Pepé is insulted by a man of the Anglo community, he defies this man who has never known or experienced poverty and the prejudice which has plagued the Torres family. In Monterey, the Anglo community where Pepé must do an errand for his mother, he is considered merely another Mexican kid, a non-person whose life or death is unimportant. But to Pepé life is extremely important — especially today, for he rides into town alone and, for the first time, he feels like a man. He rides in to buy only medicine and salt, and his mother does not acknowledge that he is a man yet; but, to Pepé this journey is proof that he can be trusted to ride into town alone. This journey, in fact, is one of the few acts that Pepé has done which has been of importance to
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