Analysis Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The book “Of Mice and Men“, written by American author John Steinbeck and published in 1937, revolves around two migrant workers named George and Lennie in the 1920s who have a very special relationship which includes a common dream of owning a farm. Lennie is a mentally handicapped, strong man who is advised and lead by his friend George. At a new farm they have to face trouble concerning Lennie and his disability. The book starts with the two main characters Lennie and George who sleep at a river on the way to a new farm and talk about their dream of owning their own land. Lennie, who is mentally handicapped, dreams of owning a rabbit hutch and taking care of rabbits as he loves small anmals to pet like mice. As a cause of his strong but innocent characteristics he accidently kills them while petting them. George takes care of Lennie and leads his child-like friend in contrast to living on his own and having a family of his own.When they arrive at the farm they get to know other workers who are different from the main characters; they do not have dreams and live a lonely and socially excluded life. While living there Lennie gets a puppy from one of the workers and the main characters are introduced to Curley, the son of the boss who is violent and aggressive and his wife who is often compared to a prostitute as she flirts a lot. Lennie and Curley also get into a fight which leaves Curley with a smashed hand. As the relationships between the characters evolve, two more
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