Analysis Of Johnny Got His Gun By Dalton Trumbo

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Experiencing the tragic reality of war on ones own life. In the novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, Joe is a victim of the true reality of war and he is left forever changed by it physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through Joe, it is seen what the true price of war is. In “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka, we witness Gregor after he has experienced a physical change and because of this change the world around him becomes an unsupportive place to be. As evidence of the use of the past tense verb in Johnny Got His Gun the novel takes place after the war, throughout the novel Joe struggles with his loss. He blames the men that did this to him, referring to them often as the “masters of men”. They are the men that plan wars and send common …show more content…

Many characters under go their own change after Gregor is turned into a bug and they each have their own way of dealing with it. Gregor’s major change did not occur when he turn into a bug, but through the changes that happened around his life. Before the change Gregor could be compared to a worker bee, he would go through life doing as he was told by others. Gregor said, “For the time being, however, I must get up because my train leaves at five”. This shows how he would go through life on a schedule, much like a worker bee. “The Metamorphosis” focuses on the alienation on a common man after he can longer do what is expected of him, this is shown by Gregor 's relationship with his family, social life, and the way he goes through live after the metamorphosis. It suggests that the common man is reduced to an insect by the modern world and his family; human nature is focused mostly around us being self absorbed. We tend to look after our own need before the needs of others. Through out “The Metamorphosis” it can be seen that the more generous and selfless one is towards others, the worse one is treated. This view is in direct conflict with the way the generous common men should be treated. In this case the common man is represented by Gregor, the common man should be treated in accordance to his actions. Gregor should be beloved by his family regardless of the way he looks or what he has become.This can be seen all throughout the story. Gregor 's family is only concerned with what the metamorphosis Gregor under went will have on them, such as the effect it will have on their finances and how others see them. Gregor is penalized for trying to be a good son and a good worker. His troubles are taken for granted by his family. His family does not care much for Gregor beyond what they can get out of him, outsiders are reverentially

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