Still Separate Still Unequal

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Public school is one of the primary sources of education for many children in the United States, therefore it should be the school 's sole purpose to teach them the essential elements they need to succeed in life. This means more than teaching math, science, history, and English. A school, primarily high school, must provide courses that focus on a student 's future career plans, courses that challenge a student academically, and courses that help a student navigate their life as adults. Without classes that help students expand and delve into their future career choices, they can limit their views of success. An excellent example of this can be found in Jonathan Kozol 's Still Separate, Still Unequal, particularly in his interviews with the students of Fremont High School in Los Angeles. In a discussion about the sewing and hairdressing courses provided in the school, a student talks about already knowing how…show more content…
According to the article Blending High School and College Can Sharpen the Focus of Each by Joel Vargas, it states that “early college experiences increase college success rates.” In other words, these early experiences allow a student to prepare for the challenges of college work while still having that support from their teachers and tutors. Throughout my high school career, I had the opportunity to take honors and Advanced Placement courses for the majority of my classes. The Advanced Placement courses allowed for a better understanding of the subject as well as providing the extensive work often similar to college classes. Learning the subjects from college in high school, such as English 101, even if not receiving the college credit for it, allowed for an understanding of the skills taught. When it came time to take the class in college it was more of a refreshment than an entire new set of skills to
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