Analysis Of Joseph Joubert 'Don' T Cut What You Can Untie?

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(The following is a portion of a devotional I read – might be useful) “Don’t cut what you can untie.” Quote by Joseph Joubert - born in 1754 France, French Moralist Taught at a religious college in Toulouse, France Think of the lace of a shoe representing the tie between another person and myself. If we then engage in accusations and blame we risk severing the tie, the shoe does not fit well then and we become uncomfortable. We may trip over the broken lace. On the other hand, if we untie what is happening between us – by listening and sharing and trying to understand one another – our tie has a better chance of staying intact – keeping the lace strong and our footing solid. I think about the experiences that bind me to the people in my life and wonder…when things get complicated do I impatiently cut or spend the time and energy it takes to untangle and untie? Here’s the thing, it’s much easier to cut chains than it is to untie them. A few times in my life come to mind….times when untangling has felt impossible. I think there are times when cords need cut, and that is never an easy or pain-free thing to do. I also think there are times when cutting would deprive us of deep and meaningful relationships that enrich our lives, but which sometimes get get twisted and knotted and need set right again. Relationships that last are complicated. All of them. If you decide to walk any significant distance in life with a person, somewhere along the path you’re going to disagree
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