Analysis Of Joss Whedon's Hush Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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In Joss Whedon’s episode “Hush” of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he had to find a way to tell an entire story with very little dialogue. This technique is very hard to do and it takes someone with a very high skill level in order to be able to accomplish that. Sound is a very important component to any sort of moving visual. It allows for the plot to move forward, it enhances our senses, and it helps our brains to remind us of what is happening. Within this episode the characters discover just how instrumental sound is and learn what it’s really like to lose a part of that, by not being able to speak. Whedon does a pretty good job of navigating his way through the episode without sound. Generally speaking I think the episode was fairly effective in telling the narrative with no dialogue. Oftentimes, a character is only really explored through dialogue. Without that, many characters would lose their personality. However in this episode the characters seem to stay in character. Buffy still does her job even though she too is affected. She patrols the city at night when the Gentlemen are searching for their next victim. In fact, all of the characters seem to maintain their personalities despite not being able to speak. The actors are very accomplished that they can act just…show more content…
Throughout the episode, there are various instances when words don’t accomplish what people want. When the witch is in the Gaia group she tries to persuade them to do more witch related things, but none of the others want to except one who wants to and doesn’t speak up. The other major instance is when Buffy wants to kiss a guy she likes, but she and him keeping talking too much when they are about to. When they can’t speak, their words don’t get in the way and they kiss. In this way, Whedon is saying he doesn’t need dialogue and neither does the audience when it comes to understanding something or
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