Analysis Of Jump For Jordan By Donna Abela

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``Once you landed here you only looked forward. So why am I always looking back? `` (Abela 13) The play Jump for Jordan, written by Donna Abela and first published on March 23rd in 2014, deals with Sophia, an archeology student, who’s Palestinian father Sahir and Jordanian mother Mara came to Australia as a first generation of so called Arab Australians in order to live a better life. The play establishes from the visit of aunt Azza from Jordan, who is willing to attend the wedding of Loren, Sophie’s sister. The play covers three stages of time. The first one is the past, where the audience gets to know about the lives of Sahir and Mara right before they came to Australia and the first time they actually are in Australia. The next time stage is the recent past which covers the conversation between Sophie and her mother or her sister not quite far apart from the next time stage the present. This is where the recent action action takes place and it starts right when Aunt Azza arrives from Jordan. The time stage that stands for itself is the imagination, which covers imagined conversations in Sophie’s mind that she has with her aunt and with her now dead father. In this paper I am going to argue that the imagination of Sophie has an effect on the present timeline in the play in order to show that Sophie is only able to build her identity when she comes to terms with her own past.
First of all, there are two different scenes presented in play, where Sophie imagines herself and
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