Analysis Of Junot Diaz's How To Date A Brown Girl

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The story how to date a brown girl (black girl, white girl, or halfie) by Junot Diaz is a manual on how to date someone or be involved in sexual relations. The audience the article is directed to is high school and college readers able to handle the mature language. These actions are then suggested after the author suggests he fake being sick as to stay home with his girl. Diaz gives multiple options as to what the girls reaction could possible be. Young men and women from poor families feel the need to hide certain things from their home such as the government cheese. Diaz also describes how these girls will react when put into certain situations.

The story is built upon multiple stereotypes again different races of women. The different stereotypes range all the way from social class, to ethnicity and where she comes from. These stereotypes influence him on how to treat each girl even though they all should be treated with dignity and respect, not just being used for sex. Some stereotypes include that White girls always come from wealthy families which is most definitely not the case. This is when Diaz suggests that White girls are always dropped off by either their mother or father. He also states that they are always dropped off in high-end vehicles such as Escalades or Jeeps. Diaz also implies that White girls give into sex on the first
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The preconceived ideas within social classes and races predetermines what people think of others. After reading the story we can draw the conclusion about the dateable young girls and advises the reader to take advantage of the limited knowledge of the girls leading to sexual relations. Although to cover the authors tracks at the end of the publication, Diaz begins to use an educative tone to issue a warning that his advice may not always work and to not follow the rules
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