Women In Silence Of Desire

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THE EXISTENTIAL PREDICAMENT OF WOMEN CHARACTERS IN CHITRA BANERJEE’S NOVELS Chapter 1 Writing must come out of t we know, what we feel…. But ultimately it must transcend all that to reach across time and space and memory to touch those who have never – and who will never – live as we have lived. What else is literature for? Because if it is only the specifics of a culture we want to record, surely a sociologist or an anthropologist could do it better. ~ Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Literature is a metamorphosis with an artistic experiment over discovery of cultural worlds and issues done with the hold of many lenses, but often times the narrative is one of the most dominant ways to communicate…show more content…
Dandekar is a self-possessed government servant. His wife Sarojini is a home maker who definitely considers that all her physical and psychological anguishes can be alleviated by the saints whom she adore as Gods. She usually and also furtively visits the temple to convene a false saint which insists her husband to suspect her conduct. When he finds out the fact he officially takes steps to quit the saint from the temple. He also assists his wife to comprehend that science and medicine can heal her disease. In Some inner fury, Kamala shows the disagreement between the east and the west and also the kind of intricacies involved in the inter-personal relationship. Kitsami who is cultured at Oxford University is mentioned as Kit and he is a passionate admirer of western culture while his wife Pramela, sister Mirabai and brother Govind are true Indians with whom he tirelessly has clashes. Pramela is depicted as an exact Hindu wife who has aversions in fashions, clubs, tennis and anything associated with western culture. She is an epithet of compliance, dedication and perseverance. She forgoes her life during her endeavor to guard the school from burning. Mirabai gives much significance to her country and countrymen. When she is questioned to make a preference between her lover Richard, an Englishman and her nation, her nationalistic sense overshadows her love and she castoffs
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