Analysis Of Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening have made a chaos back in the late 1890’s when it was first published where women were starting to demand for their rights and was the beginning of the feminine movement. The Awakening is story that revolves around a rebellious woman which is the main protagonist, Edna Pontellier which have gone through an aberration against the Creole society of how women should behave and think. The story is known for how Chopin have developed the way the characters mindsets and behavior which are two elements that influenced Edna and ascended to the ending. Chopin introduced her characters in a clear almost predictable way. And by the way she introduced them she also introduced the idea of living in a Creole society. First was Edna where she was introduced as lacking an identity between the women she’s spending her summer with and love in her marriage. Then comes Robert, the charming flirt that serves her the sustainable attention she’s seeking while Leonce her lovable husband fail to do so. This essay will discuss those details along with how Kate described Edna’s lost state of mind, Robert’s flirtatious relationship with older women and Leonce the perfect Creole husband, in the first few chapters of her novel.
Chopin’s direct way of introducing her characters have raised the readers awareness of Edna, the main protagonist different way of thinking and independency when compared to other Creole women that devotes their life to their children and
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