An Analysis Of Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening have made a chaos back in the late 1890’s when it was first published where women were starting to demand for their rights and was the beginning of the feminine movement. The Awakening is story that revolves around a rebellious woman which is the main protagonist, Edna Pontellier which have gone through an aberration against the Creole society of how women should behave and think. The story is known for how Chopin have developed the way the characters mindsets and behavior which are two elements that influenced Edna and ascended to the ending. Chopin introduced her characters in a clear almost predictable way. And by the way she introduced them she also introduced the idea of living in a Creole society. First…show more content…
Leonce is considered to be the perfect Creole husband where he is a known man with good income that provides money to his wife and sends her luxurious gifts whenever he leaves. However, he have a fixed interpretation on how wives should “idolize their children” and “worship their husband” and tries to send hints to Edna to act that way. He feels that his children “needed looking after” by their mother rather than the nannies while Edna thinks that whenever one of her boys fall he should “pick himself up” and continue playing. The lack of communication and controversial way of thinking between them provokes the lack of love, passion and intimacy in their marriage. The major motive behind that is how Leonce always make the subject matter about him and assuming she should not mind just like the rest of the Creole women. He talks to her in “high spirits” when the topic is about him or something he witnessed and expected to gain her full attention but instead she counter with her “little half utterances” while he “yawns” and “stretches” whenever she opens a discussion about her day. Leonce have high potentials about Edna, he’s expecting her to act like other Creole women, but her individuality and independency blocks her to commit to her tasks and to devote to her duties. He believes that a woman should take care of her physical appearance since he admires Edna’s beauty and thought she had “suffered some damage” when she got sun burnt. That it is a “law of society” to look good for their husbands and their number one priority should be their appearance and children and if they fail to do that, they fail at being a good wife and mother. She should be his “personal property” that should mainly
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