Analysis Of Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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The Peter Seyersted quote provided describes Kate Chopin 's novel The Awakening as many things, including “daring”, revolutionary, and groundbreaking. Whether or not these claims are accurate is mostly a matter of opinion, but by analyzing the passage provided from the novel, I will attempt to identify and explain my own reaction to the quotation, and how this section informs it. The passage begins: “Edna walked on down the beach... not noticing anything special except that the sun was hot.”1 This identifies the narrative perspective as possibly being contained within Edna 's thoughts, as the reader is not made aware of any elements of the surroundings which are not noticed by Edna herself. In addition the wording seems consistent with the characterisation of Edna: the usage of the word “rather” and the assertion that she noticed nothing “special” show her personality and opinions infusing the narrative. The redundancy of saying that “the sun was hot” alerts the reader to Edna 's emotional disconnect. This is confirmed and explained in the words that follow: “She was not dwelling upon any particular train of thought. She had done all the thinking that was necessary after Robert went away, when she lay awake on the sofa until morning.”2 This seemingly allows the reader closer into Edna 's mind, allowing for us to understand her actions. This is fascinating in the aesthetic sense, an unusual narrative style that leaves the reader unsure of their role as an observer, or as
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