Analysis Of Katherine Paterson's Lyddie

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Through the long and impactful novel Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson, a 13-year-old girl was forced to leave her family and beloved home that she loves. Due to her distant mother 's decision to sell her off to a mill because of problems with money. Also, for the actions of her husband who left the family in search of good mines. A troubling family goes through many setbacks to hopefully unite the once full family the Lyddie once had. Lyddie should sign the petition because she works long hours with little pay under the watchful eye of the overseer who could be classified as a child molester.

One of the reasons Lyddie should sign the petition is to have better working conditions at the factory in Lowell. Working at Lowell had caused many people who worked there trotcher, due to the developments of the workforce that sped up to a faster pace. The faster pace caused many disasters to the people who work there but still with little money. On page 91, the generalization would be that there 's not much difference between them and black slaves due to the demand of fast-paced of the looms and the money that they earn is hardly above minimum wage. Also how with a speed as fast as they work, there would be more spindles to tend and with a lot more pressure. “We might as well be black slaves… but in those days I had one hundred thirty spindles to tend. Now I have twice that amount and at a speed that would make the devil curse.” his would mean that the machines were put at a faster
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