Analysis Of Kathleen Moore's Wild Comfort: The Solace Of Nature

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Paulo Coelho once said: “We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery”. Indeed, if mystery was a forest, human beings were just tiny wildflowers that grew under the shade of “knowledge”. The more we think we understand this world, the less we truly know it. In “Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature,” Kathleen Moore believes that “mystery is infinite”(Moore, 153). We will never understand the mystery, even though how well-developed the science can be. Moore aroused two different schools of thought about humans and mystery in the essay “The Time for the Singing of Birds.” One side argues that “science is the enemy of the sacred”, which means the ability to understand thoroughly the world around us results in the decrease of our reverence and…show more content…
However, as Moore commented “mystery is infinite”, people’s understanding is unable to unravel the unboundedness of mystery. The physicist Chet Raymo demonstrates the limitations of science when comparing human knowledge as an island with the immense sea of mystery (Moore, 153). Undoubtedly, we are just a minuscule creature in a small planet if being compared to the universe which contains billions of planets that similar to the Earth. Changing is the essence of life. We are incapable of understanding everything because when humans evolve, the universe also develops. Every second, a galaxy is moving about 72 kilometers farther away from the Earth (Overbye, 1). Every second, 30 new supernovas are formed in the observable universe (Kazan, 1). When we can discover a riddle, something new is happening. This is the endless rule of life. Mystery is something that only increases. It is impossible for us to catch up the change because this world is “astonishing”, “eternal and changing”, and “beyond human understanding” (Moore, 151). The more we know about the universe, the more we realize the inexhaustibility of
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