Analysis Of Kathryn Bigelow An Auteur

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The best auteurs can change the world. Born on November 27, 1951, Kathryn Bigelow is a trailblazer for the female filmmaker. She originally studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, but then changed her path to film, and ultimately earn her master’s degree in film theory and criticism at Columbia University. Bigelow treats her films like paintings. While each are unique in their own respective way, there are still themes and techniques that are evident in each of her movies. Most, if not all, of her movies are thrilling, violent, and filled with adrenaline. She uses shaky camera shots and zoom shots to model realism and frantic, chaotic environments (New York Times). She also employs many different point of views with the camera.…show more content…
It would seem obvious to consider Bigelow an auteur, however, she lacks the greatness that most auteurs have earned. Great auteurs seem to capture magic through their recurrent techniques and themes. Alfred Hitchcock puts the audience on edge building tension and suspense and using silence in Psycho (1960) while making them reevaluate their morality as he makes voyeurs of his audience in Rear Window (1954). Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with blood and gore gives his movies a deeper element of intensity (or, in some cases, comic relief). Kathryn Bigelow has the iconography of an auteur- she employs recurrent themes and film techniques- however, she is not on the same level of artistic depth when compared to other auteurs; therefore, the jury is still out on whether she is fully considered an

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