Analysis Of Keeper N Me By Richard Wagamese

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The Traditions, Silence, and Life Within

Everyone has new things to listen and learn from on a daily basis. Silence is important in both, but to ask questions is more important. To be thankful for the life we live is greater. In Richard Wagamese’s novel, Keeper ‘N Me, it teaches about the importance of learning, listening, silence, and every life within the land of the Ojibwe people.

When an object or a topic really grasps a person’s attention, no matter the age, they can be able to memorize it years after. As an infant, Garnet was already taught many things that have to do with the land, and every life within. While he was walking about in the woods for a hunt with his older brothers, he felt like he already knew where he was going and where
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There are many things that some plants can provide. “Smudge ourselves real good with sweetgrass or cedar first. Get cleansed so we can approach it with respect” (page 166). The smoke that is given off of the burning sweetgrass is well knows to purify the body, heart, and soul. Traditional medicinal plants like the Wiike (wee-kay) root, can take away the pain from a sore throat. Animals are known to teach the anishanabe people many things. A bear for instance, was known to have taught the people how to hunt. They studied the bear well, and changed a few things to fit their life style. “Got lotta the bear in him, like I said. Bear’s a good warrior. Doesn’t show fear. But the bear learns how to live with it though...” (page 144). As for the people, they are to take care of the land which they live on. The anishanabe live through the seven grandfather teachings. And they use those teachings on everything they do and use in their daily lives.

No matter the race, and elder can teach people of any age many numerous things. Even though Garnet was learning more from his teacher, Keeper was also learning from him. One teaching no one should ever forget is their tradition. Each tradition of any race, can teach so much things to their people. Listen and learn well, and they can pass it
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