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MARKETING ANALYSIS Marketing Product: Relative to its offering a departure from the hyper-commercialized, ready-made dolls of the modern world, DIY (Do-it-yourself) doll-making influence is beneficial on what it means to be a creative and imaginative. The commercial doll has existed alongside its counterpart, the homemade doll, since the beginning of industrialization. Keri MINIKA creates and produces a decorative nine to eleven inches sock dolls, body patterns with accessory tags. Keri MINIKA can impress potential buyers for its unique, various appeals and styles with its colorful sock designs that are perfect for personal gifts, decorations and event materials in different occasions. Keri MINIKA is made of cotton socks that unlike plastic it is easy to repair when damaged. The dolls are made of cotton stuffing which is a natural fiber. It is soft and fluffy. The stuffing are little denser than normal polyester toy stuffing. This can be stuffed firmly or loosely and gives a more traditional feel to dolls. Tracing the residual effect of craft movements in our own childhood in the act of doll-making, we explore this concept of dynamic identity creation. There is a connection between two distinct areas of analysis; Keri MINIKA dolls as it relates to the contemporary craft DIY (do-it-yourself) movement and the identity of liveliness. Keri MINIKA serves as a description of development of having the potential to transform childhood identities and a medium for artistic creation.

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