Kite Runner Setting

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Afghanistan was a war zone but the author of the book, Khaled Hosseini showed to his readers that the country is not just a place of chaos and devastation. It is also a place of friendship, love, courage and joy as he chose it to become the setting of his prominent novel, “The Kite Runner”. Hosseini 's written work finds an awesome harmony between being concise but then capable, and is the story itself splendidly built, as well as investigates the very specialty of creative writing. The most fascinating thing about the novel is its feeling of destiny and equity, of good overcoming bad at last, regardless of all chances. Hosseine opened the eyes of the Western people about the personal struggle of the Afghan people during the war that devastated not only the country’s economy but the very soul of its people. This is a great novel to start with for the readers who would love to know more about the life in Afghanistan during the 80’s.
The setting of the story is before and
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It seems that one of Hosseine’s goal is to make his readers understand one of the nature of humanity which is to commit wrongdoings and seek redemption from it upon reaching the point of realization. Although Amir did not actually seek redemption of his past actions, the events gave him the chance to finally conquer his guilt and pay back at least for what he have committed to his young friend. The Kite Runner had its readers excited and moved in the meantime. It recounts the narrative of Amir and Hassan, who are the closest companions and are additionally specialists in the craft of kite flying. The two young men live in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and they even made a decent attempt to win the neighborhood kite-flyling competition which is a well known Afghan hobby. This is likewise the method for Amir to get the consideration of his
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