Analysis Of Khuswant Singh's Train To Pakistan

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Khuswant Singh’s Train to Pakistan is perhaps his best novel; most sensitive. Sex as an aspect of love as the author cherishes as an invariable aspect of it is present here too but not so prominently over the real love involving not only senses but mind and heart and psyche. The situation here is serious and grave involving the life of men and the country. The independence of India is linked with the birth of Pakistan, the cause of serious communal frenzy. The independence was achieved through massacre and bloodbath, vivisecting the age old India. The time is infernally disturbed by communal distrust and violent riot between the communities; a war inside the country due to the birth pang of another country. But who could arrest the course of love which was born before the partition and the birth of the countries? The author has utilized the situation effectively in his novel by creating chasm between pure love and nauseating man made outer circumstances. Love succeeded in death defying all outer obstructions. Love to save the beloved saved the enemies from a communal point of view. Let us see the quality of the story, its pros and cons, as we proceed through it, while assessing the quality of the work. I always use the narrative as the base to criticize a work of fiction to help readers to relish the story while realising the worth of it. At deep night when others sleep Juggut Singh, the hero of the novel, came out of his house in utter disagreement with

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