Analysis Of Kilgore Trout's Plague On Wheels

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Kilgore Trout and Dwayne Hoover had an interaction with each other and with other characters also where dehumanization takes place. It is the personal qualities which give Breakfast of Champions discouraging and cold hearted mood. Dwayne Hoover and Kilgore Trout was representative of success and failure in dehumanization in the society. In this book Vonnegut invented like electric chair, bull, alien, etc. Mainly he focused on his pictures and that show to the readers how the things would be. In Breakfast of Champions author introduces many planets with story. Kilgore Trout’s popular book Plague on Wheels, about the life on a dying planet named Lingo-Three. This planet resembled American automobiles. The planet people had wheels and they reproduced eggs. The babies were matured in pools of oil drained from adult crankcases. Lingo-Three was visited by the space travelers named Zeltoldimar. Zeltoldimar people discover the automobile babies had destroyed the atmosphere of the planet. The automobile creations borrowed oxygen from the earth so they destroying the earthling planet.
Zeltoldimarians were one inch high and their space ship was as big as the earthling shoebox. The earthlings about the automobiles that are dying out on Lingo-Three and unknowing brought the destruction of the earthling planet because, “Human beings could be as easily felled by a single idea as by cholera or the bubonic plague.” (p.27) According to Trout, automobiles are the only enemy for
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