Analysis Of Kym Buchman In The Film 'Rachel Getting Married'

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The character Kym Buchman in the film “Rachel Getting Married” is someone who may benefit from a client-centered therapy. Although the film took place after her involvement in her brother’s death subsequent entry into numerous drug rehabilitation programs, client-centered therapy relies on verbal self-reports as the primary method of gathering information, which Kym is capable of providing. Her behavior, according to phenomenology, is determined by her experiences, or phenomenal field; gathering information on her phenomenal field using her self-reports to understand how she perceives the world and past events is critical. Kym also seems to be experiencing incongruence as her ideal self is not in line with her actual self, possibly from the…show more content…
This would interfere with the Kym’s ability to reach self-actualization. As would a diagnosis; despite Kym being in treatment for a substance abuse disorder, a diagnosis is discouraged in this model. Tests to obtain more information would also be avoided as this form of therapy relies mostly on attempting to understand the client through showing empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard as the client directs the session. As previously mentioned, self-reports would be the primary source of information. Treatment would focus more on what the clinician should not do; the therapist should not give advice, interpret what the client says, criticize, reassure or persuade the client. Most, if not all of these were present within Kym’s family, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it was clear that when these conditions were present Kym was negatively affected by them. This was especially apparent when criticism, judgement, or interpretations of Kym’s behaviors as methods to attract attention were present. It is possible that Kym has developed conditions of worth as she would receive more attention and empathy when she was in a crisis, as pointed out by both Rachel and Kym. The conditional positive regard she would receive likely contributed to the development of these conditions of worth and the incongruence between her actual and ideal self. This is further supported by statements by Rachel like that she only wanted Kym to “get better or die”, and Kym telling her family that they cannot dictate her life forever but soon afterwards asking them “who do I have to be now?”. Kym may benefit from the space, reflection of her emotions, and independence provided by client-centered therapy, which would provide the freedom she desires in an environment that unconditionally

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