Analysis Of Lady Brett Ashley In The Sun Also Rises

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Jack Carrigan
Mr. Racioppe
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10 February 2015
Lady Brett Ashley in The Sun Also Rises
Written by world renowned author Ernest Hemingway the novel, The Sun Also Rises, gives view to the reader a more modernistic view on women. Lady Brett Ashley in the novel exemplifies the key aspects of a modern women. She delineates what a modern woman would do in that time period. Lady Brett is the “love interest” throughout the novel. She goes around day by day drinking like at different cafés meeting new people and going against traditional roles of women. Brett however, also has a reputation for bouncing around from man to man during the story. She is seen with multiple men throughout the novel which is where she gets her nickname, “Lady
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She is very prominent in the Paris social circle creating friends along the way. Lady Brett Ashley is viewed as the written version of what was then called a flapper, a woman…show more content…
Having a woman dominate and control the men was a very modernistic style of writing from Hemingway. “The portrayal of Brett in the novel functions to draw out the connection between Brett and this historical figure of the New Woman” . The “New Woman was a woman who pushed past the example of the preceding generation by infringing on the masculine in her physical appearance as well as in her level of education and career choice by combining masculine and feminine traits. She relates to the modern day flapper who is almost a direct correlation to Lady Brett in how she acted, talked, and seduced. Gives women who read the book that there is hope for them to have fun and be successful in their lives.
Lady Brett in the novel, The Sun Also Rises, is a powerful character who is constantly in control of who ever is around her. Her great looks, seduction, and education all attribute to her overall attractiveness. Lady Brett Ashley does not follow the ideals of the traditional victorian women. She is concerned with her moral code and she pursues her own personal goals. She does not live up to social expectations. She is what the readers who are female look up to, by reading about a character who portrays a more powerful person in society she is inspiring the young women to go out

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