Analysis Of Lady Macbeth: Scotland's Corrupted Reign

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Scotland’s Corrupted Reign In William Shakespeare Macbeth, there is a multitude of changes throughout the play within Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s wickedness. A metamorphosis takes place deep inside both characters; however, the changes oppose each other. “The weird sisters, hand in hand, posters of the sea and land, thus do go about, about: Thrice to thine and thrice to mine and thrice again, to make up nine. Peace! The charms wound up.” (Act1.2 )The witches pour prophecies into Macbeth giving him an insight of what is to come in his future, as king of Scotland. Lady Macbeth receives the news from Macbeth causing her mind to flood with corruption on how to get rid of King Duncan; however, Macbeth is not cruel enough to kill the king of Scotland. Or is he? Is Lady Macbeth up to do this…show more content…
With these words of Lady Macbeth, it seems that she has no sympathy towards the king. All her unpleasant thoughts have taken over her mind and all that she wants is to become queen of Scotland. The goal is to get rid of the king. In the cause of Macbeth telling Lady Macbeth about what the witched told him. It turned her insane with the idea that he will be ruler of Scotland. After the killing of king Duncan, Lady Macbeth was okay because as to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth they got what they wanted. Little did Lady Macbeth know, all those evil thoughts were going to come back and haunt her. Couple of days passed, Lady Macbeth becomes paranoid and confess her sin while she sleep walks. Her servant is surprised with what she was hearing. So, the servant called in a doctor to see if she could be healed, but she could not be healed. The doctor had said “quote from the book”. Lady Macbeth dies from all the horror she has been through since the death of king Duncan. All those vicious thoughts and going with the plan to kill the king made her
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