Analysis Of Lady Saw's Music Video I Ve Got Your Man

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In this Think Piece, I will evaluate Lady Saw’s Music Video “I’ve Got Your Man”, and comment on the familiarity of the event, its relevance as a reflection of the Caribbean Life, issues of Caribbean Gender Relations, family relation, the way we as Caribbean people express ourselves and my personal opinion as to whether it is a “good” or “bad” piece. At the beginning of the video, one can clearly see that the woman is verbally and physically abusing the man that she presumably has a sexual relation with. She shows empowerment over him and refuses to listen to him. His facial reaction indicates that he is annoyed and wants relief of this situation. When Lady Saw approaches him and gives him a calling card, he seizes the opportunity to get away from is abusive partner. This is a familiar situation that I have seen within the Caribbean where a person can have more than one sexual partner. It can apply to both sexes where the male or female is abusive or doesn’t fulfill the expectation of the other thus leading to infidelity. Infidelity is referred to as the act of cheating, having an affair or engaging in adultery and can be caused by relationship dissatisfaction, a lack of communication, understanding, and sexual incompatibility among sexual partners . The video is not a specifically relevant reflection of Caribbean Life because the infidelity and abuse portrayed in the video does not only occur in the Caribbean Islands but does also occur in most other countries of the

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