Analysis Of Language In Macbeth

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Language is the medium through which a writer projects his thoughts before the readers. The language of Macbeth proves Shakespeare’s greatness and pre-eminence as a dramatist. The writer makes a fine balance between synchronization of words and emotions. The beauty of words, originality of phrase, striking discourse of metaphor, similes and imagery left the readers spellbound. What makes this tragedy more distinctive is ambiguous use of language at critical junctures. The great warrior, General Macbeth becomes prey of this ambiguity and subsequently meets to his downfall. With the help of dubious language, Shakespeare becomes successful in keeping his readers under suspense till the end of play. Duality of meaning in witches’ speech leads us towards deconstruction also. This paper aims to investigate all the linguistic patterns and forms of communication that eludes the hero as well as the readers.
Key Words: linguistic patterns, Forms of Communication, Synchronization, Ambiguity, Deconstruction.
Language has a significant role in success of a literary piece. For a writer it is important what he wishes to write but it is also noteworthy how the writer expresses it. To communicate effectively, it is not sufficient to have well structured ideas expressed in complete and
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Shakespeare uses a lot of imagery in this play to develop atmosphere, mood, and characters. The images are clearly thought out and give and make a certain impression on the mind of the audience. Often, the images foreshadow something in the future. For example, the image of the bloody knife before Macbeth in the second passage foreshadows the brutal cold hearted murder that immediately follows. Blood is a recurring image in this play to denote guilt. Lady Macbeth frets in her sleep of not being able to wash the blood off of her hands since she feels so guilty about the murder. The image of the bleak sky continues through the play displaying the lack of order and peace within the

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