Analysis Of Last Tango In Paris

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As the title suggests, Last Tango in Paris is set in Paris and the main plot concentrates on two people’s loneliness, Paul (Marlon Brando), a 45-year-old old American man and Jeanne (Maria Schneider), a 20-year-old French woman born in an aristocratic environment, the daughter of a Colonel and engaged to a young film director, Tom. After Paul’s wife suicide, his life dramatically changes and he finds himself lost in a foreign, yet known, city. The despair drives Paul to find a shelter to comfort himself, far away from everything that could remind him of Rose, his now-deceased wife. An empty apartment for rent is the location where the two main characters meet. In fact, while Paul was escaping from love, Jeanne was looking for a place to begin hers. Both are interested in renting the apartment, they casually meet and after a short conversation, a passionate carnal attraction is triggered between them. Driven by the impulse, they decide to rent the empty apartment for it be used exclusively as a pied-à-terre, a place where they can freely engage in their illicit affair. The apartment becomes an enclosed, private world that belongs solely to Paul and Jeanne.5 Within the unconventional relationship, they both explore their sexuality, though there is just one rule – neither can reveal any detail of their lives, including their names. One day Paul visits Marcel, a man who lived in the hotel that Paul inherited from his wife, and they began to discuss Rose and why she ended her own
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