Analysis Of Lazarillo De Tormes

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Rationale: Lazarillo de Tormes in his fortunes and adversities by Alfonso de Valdez (1554) is a work that indicates the most common social problems in the 16th century as: religion, poverty and hunger, which was the most prevalent in society and That only monarchy had great benefits. This assignment belongs to part 3 of the program of studies of Language A: Language and Literature: Texts and Contexts, Higher Level. Its protagonist, Lazarillo, is a child who from an early age had to work only to be able to develop and develop in a cruel society with the lower class. The author was unknown until Rosa Navarro Durán, a philosopher and professor of Spanish literature at the University of Barcelona (ZURGAI, 2016), links him to Alfonzo de Valdés and his brother as the authors of this literary work. It is related to religion since five of Lazarillo 's masters are involved in this, but no criticism is made but, the author is trying to denote the disinterest of people in religion for their benefit in an immoral way. The type of text that I will use will be an epistle where the mother of Lázaro will exteriorize its feelings and at the same time will make known to us every event around its life until the day of its death. This work is aimed at those people like the mother of Lazarillo who had to let their children go since they were very young to have a better future in their lives, and is focused on all those who do not value our mothers, for every effort that Has done for us and
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