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The idea of beauty is something that has always bewildered me. I have never been able to grasp the idea that beauty has the possibility of determining the life we live, the people that we meet, and the opportunities that we receive. In the words of John Ray an English naturalist “Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” within these words it can be concluded that how beautiful a person is will affect the outcome of their life. However, can beauty be calculated? Scientists and mathematicians such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Luca Pacioli have created extensive research on the topic most notably in Da Vinci’s artistic piece “The Divine Proportion” where Da Vinci used the “Golden Ratio” to apply to nature and humanistic aspects of life. The first time that I discovered The Golden Ratio was in a book called Math and the Mona Lisa written by Bülent…show more content…
In order to complete this experiment, first a picture five faces have to be gathered (the faces have to be centered and fully visible). Then using the Golden Ratio theory the face should be measured in proportionate sizes. This can be done; vertically which is nose to forehead vs. nose to chin, transversely which is the distance of the mouth vs. the distance of the nose, and finally externally which incompassess the forehead to ear vs. the ear to chin. Then the values will be stored and averaged in order to find the overall deviation of the face. Simultaneously, fifty people will be surveyed and asked to “rate the face shown from one to ten” after this process occurs the scores will be averaged and recorded. Moreover, using the correlation test the two sets of data will be compared and analysed to see if a relationship is detected between the two sets of data. After this the Chi Square Test will be used to determine if a correlation exists and to validate the previous

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