Analysis Of Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes

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One of the main statement of Langston Hughes “Let America be America Again” is the inequality between majorities and minorities. The theoretical concept of this term paper looks into Postcolonial-Criticism, especially cultural differences and the American Civil Rights Movement as well as African-American studies. If you read a poem like “Let America Be America Again” the first question which will come to your mind will probably be the question of whether there was segregation, inequality and discrimination of minorities at this specific time. In the fifth stanza of the poem Hughes names groups which were discriminated, namely African-Americans, American-Indians and immigrants in general. To further understand this issue I looked into Marxism and the most important movement at this time, the Harlem Renaissance.

Apart from the issue of inequality, the main theme of “Let America be America Again” is the confrontation with the American Dream. Hughes himself was not entirely sure if there ever was such a dream or what the dream really meant and continuously changes his own mind throughout the poem. First of, to answer this questions there must be a clear definition of the American Dream, but the issue about dreams is that they are different for every single human. The American dream might mean something completely different
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To answer this questions we need an understanding of what the Harlem Renaissance was. What were the intentions of the authors ? Are there characteristics, which let us connect the Harlem Renaissance to “Let America be America Again” ? Furthermore, “The Negro Movement” was closely connected to specific writing styles influenced by blues and folklore. To which point does Langston Hughes follow this pattern
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