Analysis Of Life Is Precious Or It's Not By Barbara Kingsolver

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Barbara Kingsolver is about how the society creates violence by exposing children to threatening events were the good guy will always win. In most movies, children watch a villain and a superhero who are fighting until one kills the other one with a weapon. She is explaining we could change the aspects that children have about protecting themselves by watching how they interact with others. If they act in the way of threatening, we would need to see why the child feels he/she feels unprotected whether it's from the parents or how society treats the kid has an outsider. Kingsolver point of writing the article about Columbine is to open our eyes to see how we treat others in different ways because someone may dress, act, look, etc differently than the rest of the community. The other half of writing her thoughts is to offer people with how we only enforce violence behavior when we feel we are in danger.…show more content…
When I was growing up my cousin was getting bullied, when I was six years old, and my aunt and mom would always say, “Why can you not protect yourself, it’s okay to fight back.” Every time my aunt would visit, my mom would tell me if anyone bothers you don’t be like your cousin and let them because then you're letting them walk all over you. But in school, the message was to tell the teach for the issue to stop, which is what my cousin apparently did but I guess the situation stay the same. However, parents teach their children to fight and even the society that someone lives in can make people angry enough, to act
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