Analysis Of Literature In America By Alan Ginsberg

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Alan Ginsberg once said,’ Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private’. Literature is certainly a source through which voices of the oppressed can be asserted and illustrate the true harsh reality that society has been feared to expose. Alan Ginsberg’s poems showcase the true power of poems and how it utilized to convey issues that society seems to be ignorant of due to authority. ‘America’ is a significant literary work of Ginsberg as it essentially a tirade that is directed towards America and its government about various sensitive political issues which enabled him to voice his frustration towards the country. In another work,’ A Supermarket in California’, he describes himself as being in a shadow while observing in a supermarket and criticizing society. Ginsberg feels lonely as there are a few people that shares similar views. Ginsberg usage of stylistic devices in the form of language and structure has enabled Ginsberg to assert his criticisms more effectively which is what makes literature so effective in voicing the voices of the oppressed. It has the effect of creating awareness of certain issues that society seems to be ignorant of and it illustrates the emotions of the poet that enable the reader to obtain the poet’s perspective. It is also gives the poet the opportunity his perspective of how the world should be. Literature has been utilized for centuries with the

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