Analysis Of Lois Simmie's The Secret Lives Of Sgt. John Wilson

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How does the social position affect the person and their surroundings? As M.R.C. Kasasian said “The poor, are kind to each other, but that is because they have nothing to lose, ' he said. 'The rich cannot afford to be”. Strictly based on external influences are people’s decisions, one of those influences being their placement within society. People in different social classes within a community, causing them to behave differently than their peers. In the book The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson, written by Lois Simmie is a true story of love and murder. John, married to Polly in Scotland, moves to Canada, after a business failure back in Scotland to begin a new life. In Canada, John’s life takes a radical turn. Heavily influenced by his arrangement within society, are not only John’s decisions as well as behavior, but lifestyle; which radically change throughout the book. Being a police officer, John does many things that he gets away with that other residents of Canada con not get away with. John’s position within society led him to make poor decisions. Above all, John’s position within the society assured people he is a principled person, correspondingly leading him to make poor decisions. Many things the ordinary people would be confronted with, John does not encounter. John has a problem with decision-making throughout the book, an issue that led John into enormous trouble. First, his decision to lie to his friends in like manner, his family in Scotland to
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