Analysis Of Lone Scherfig's An Education

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Lone Scherfig 's An Education (2009) is a coming of age story that mimics the human condition, which tends to not be all sunshine and rainbows. The ups and downs of life are appropriately displayed, creating a realistic plot that viewers can relate to, and actively engage with. The narrative does not hesitate to delve into some unpleasant emotions experienced by the characters. Using the definitions of comedy and tragedy provided by Aristotle in “Poetics”, it can be concluded that this film is neither completely a comedy, nor a tragedy—though it contains aspects of both. An Education imitates the life of high school students, including the pressure to do well academically, graduate, and be admitted into top-ranking schools. There is also a great focus on family, as the adults consider the best way of parenting, and make mistakes along the way. Jenny Mellor, the protagonist of this film, feeling trapped by her studies and expectations of her family members, seeks freedom and eventually relearns what the most valuable aspect of her life is. This is a story that countless people can connect with as they experience life 's transitional periods and occasionally feel lost. Through Jenny 's story, perhaps more answers can be provided when it comes to what one should focus on and cherish in order to be content.
The film begins by showing Jenny as a top student in her class, introduces her home life briefly, and finally her first meeting with an older man, David Goldman. Being under

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