Analysis Of Looking For Work By Gary Sot

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Many people would like to change their lifestyle and their tradition to look like other ones. But does that change make them more satisfied? it does not, because what will be the meaning of life if all people are the same? If one group of people is happy with their tradition, it does not mean other group will be happy as well if they just act them, because the different of conditions that in each group and that what is called the different of thoughts. Believing in the content of the TV shows and make it as people guidance will cause a lot of problems for people’ lifestyle.
The article, Looking for Work” by Gary Sot??is a short story about nine years old Mexican American child who is inspired by the lifestyle that he saw on one of the tv shows which seems to him that is the perfect style that his family should have. He begins thinking of changing his family style to look like more classy and wealthy, so that is why he starts looking for job in his neighborhood to improve his family’ life even though he is only 9 years old just because he is not happy with his family style that they are have and want them to change. He starts asking his mother and his siblings to imitate the family’s habits that he sees on television. However, his idea was not acceptable from his family, and they laugh at him because this is not their lifestyle and it is different from their traditional. However, at the end of the article the narrator recognizes that he had a wrong imagination about the

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