Lord Capulet's Suicide In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Being accepted by family helps makes someone who they are, but not everyone is always understanding. In the play ¨Romeo and Juliet” Lord Capulet does not accept or support Juliet to make her own decisions. Lord Capulet´s unaccepting behavior in the play results in tragedy. Throughout the play, Juliet’s father makes it very clear that she should always obey him and do what he says, especially when it comes to marriage. Lord Capulet not being the accepting father Juliet needs, eventually causes a series of events that lead to Romeo and Juliet killing themselves. Lord Capulet is most at fault for the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet because he was so controlling over Juliet, forcing her to marry Paris, and moved Paris and Juliet’s wedding day up which resulted in the death of Romeo and Juliet. Lord…show more content…
Some might say he moved up the wedding day unintentionally, but it was still his fault for forcing the marriage. In the beginning of the story, Lord Capulet did not want Juliet to marry Paris until she was older. Lord Capulet thought Juliet marrying now would be to young. After Tybalt's death, Lord Capulet's opinion Paris and Juliet's marriage changes. Lord Capulet says to Paris ¨Monday! Ha, ha. Well, Wednesday is too soon, O' Thursday let it be. O' Thursday, tell her, She shall be married to this noble earl! Will you be ready?¨ (Act 3.4, 20-23). Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet did not even ask Juliet if she was ready to marry Paris, she had no voice in her marriage decision. Juliet having to marry Paris caused a lot of problems on herself. Lord Capulet wanting to wait a couple years to moving the wedding to the upcoming Thursday left Juliet in an impossible situation because she was already married to Romeo. Lord Capulet only accepted Juliet to agree to the wedding and the main reason for Romeo and Juliet's death was Lord Capulet bringing on this
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