Analysis Of Lord Tennyson's Ulysses

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ABSTRACT “Ulysses” is one of the most important poems by Lord Tennyson , the representative poet of the Victorian age. The poem records Ulysses’s passion for knowledge and adventure as well as his discontent with the domestic life at Ithaca. Emotions and strong passion have always been prevalent in every literature across the glove. The method of representing those passion , however , varies from one piece of literature to another. As a result , different branches of literature have come into being. It goes without saying that Ulysses embodies an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He is the symbol of man’s eternal quest for new knowledge. However , the present article is going to show how Ulysses’s strong passions go hand in hand with his logical acumen in this poem. In other words, the paper is to exhibit how Tennyson has made a beautiful blend of passion and logic in his dramatic monologue , “Ulysses”.
Key words : Passions, logic, knowledge, adventure, argumentation

INTRODUTION There is no denying the fact that “Ulysses” is a superb dramatic monologue by Lord Tennyson. It was composed in 1833 and it came out in 1842. The episode is based on Dante (Inferno,xxvi).Tennyson might have read this in translation of Henry Cary. The background of the episode is worth pointing out. Ulysses and his mariners have returned to Ithaca from the Trojan War after many years . Now, he is living an idle life as the king of Ithaca. As he is a man of action, he finds it
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